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"Motorman, I just want you to know the New Jersey guys are doing a great job teaching your course..... I was originally scheduled to take the course last year but, due to inclement weather (HURRICANE) the class was cancelled so I rescheduled for this past May and I had to cancel due to obligations at work..... the reason I mention this is to tell you how accommodating Bill and Al are!!!!! Al and Bill do an excellent job, their method of teaching is relaxed and extremely informative. They move through the program at a steady pace, they keep things moving and interesting, you never feel rushed and they take the time out to give individual attention to those who need it. Personally, I really enjoyed the class. I came away from the course with a greater knowledge of motorcycling and a much higher level of confidence. I hope to attend the class again in the future to keep any bad habits in check."
Thanks for a well designed program,
Barry W. Wojtas

"Hi Bill and Allan, On behalf of Sarah, Robert and myself I would like to express our gratitude for the tremendous training session we received from you while you were at Big Twin Harley Davidson of Aruba. It was an honor to have "Real PRO's" here in Aruba teach us some new and professional tricks to ride. I hope that we will meet again soon."
Best regards,
René Zaandam
Santa Cruz Aruba

"Jerry, I had the privilege of attending the 'Ride Like a Pro' training session this past weekend and I wanted to thank you for developing the course and having such wonderful people offering it in New Jersey. The instructors Al and Bill did a fantastic job of developing my skills while providing a no pressure non-intimidating supporting approach with every exercise. I was very apprehensive about attending, concerned I would not be able to do it, I was going to crash and such however, from the moment I arrived Al and Bill not only made me feel welcome, they made me feel comfortable. Their teaching style and communication skills were excellent and very quickly I learned to trust what they were telling me, follow their individual instructions and I would succeed. Although there were 9 other people in the class I felt like I was the only one in the training, receiving individual instruction, suggestions for improvement, and constant encouragement. There was never a moment where I felt in competition with anyone else, it was all about me. Al and Bill are fantastic people in addition to being excellent, talented riders and instructors. I am sure you must be proud to have them members of your team. People like Al and Bill are hard to find. I am a much better rider for the experience and find it unbelievable I could learn so much in such a short period of time. My last comment, it was fun."
Sincerely, Rich
Rich Pleines
New Haven, Connecticut

"Hi Jerry, I took the Ride Like A Pro class with Bill Hughes and Al in Mountainside, NJ yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the class and learning the techniques. I am a MSF Rider Coach and I have to say that it was a whole new way of riding. Took me a few exercises to "get it" but once I did, I was amazed at how tight I could turn my bike, a Suzuki V-Strom 650DL. Al and Bill are wonderful instructors and ran the class beautifully. They are a credit to your program. The class was full and everyone enjoyed the class and all were amazed at their progress. I, for one, will take the class again, next season. Thanks for putting together a wonderful program to enhanced my riding skills."
Carolyn Baynes
New Jersey

"Have you ever seen motorcycle cops riding on the streets and stared in amazement as they put 800 pounds of motorcycle exactly where they want it? Have you ever seen a “Motor” execute a U turn in an area so tight you didn’t think it was humanly possible? Well, I have numerous times. I watched in awe as Cops in places like Jersey City, Newark, and Roxbury, New Jersey effortlessly motored through traffic on city streets, while being in total control of their bikes, especially, at low speeds. Having been a Cop for 25 years I had heard of the rigors of Harley’s Motor Officer training course. I figured since my agency did not have motors that I would never see that type of rider education. Since I’ve been licensed to operate a motorcycle for over 20 years I figured I knew the basics of safe motorcycle operation. After taking the Experienced Riders Class with the HOG chapter last year I realized the old adage was true about motorcycle rider education… I was a person who had ridden my first year of motorcycling for 20 years in a row. The Experienced Riders class was great and I’ll take it again next year, but I wanted to be able to ride like those Motor Officers.

I began my research on the web and came across the “Ride Like a Pro” program that was developed by Jerry “The Motorman” Palladino in Florida. Jerry is a Motor Officer in Florida and he has scaled down the motor officer class so that riders with some riding experience can learn how to control their bikes like the cops do. I went on his site (http://www.ridelikeapro.com) and watched the FREE videos on the 3 simple techniques that make it possible to execute the low speed maneuvers on full sized motorcycles. I was so intrigued that I bought the Ride Like a Pro 5 DVD. The DVD is great and if I could remember who borrowed it, I would get it back!

I saw that Jerry offered training classes for his program in Florida. Too far. Then other Ride Like a Pro schools began to pop up all over the country. Classes were being offered in Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, and North Carolina…still too far. Then one day, I spotted Ride Like a Pro New Jersey. BINGO! I went on their web site (http://www.ridelikeapronj.com) and found that the class was being held in Mountainside, NJ. Better than that, I saw that one of the instructors was Lt. Allan Attanasio. Al was a classmate of mine in traffic investigation school years ago. The other instructor, Sgt. Bill Hughes, was a Morris County Park Police Officer. I was going to take this class. I signed up on their web site. The class was held in the parking lot of Lowes Theater in Mountainside. The class size is limited eight (8) riders and they do offer a discount to any group that books an entire class for a day. The small class size allows the instructors to provide one on one instruction in the techniques of the course. The course works extremely well with the engineering and design of full sized Harleys although the day I took the class there were bikes present from all manufacturers. You will do all your time on the Range. There is no formal “classroom” time. The instructors explain the maneuver to be learned, they demonstrate it, and you practice it. It was that simple. The techniques taught are easily understood, but require your total concentration to become proficient.

In the four hours of the class you WILL become a better low speed rider and you WILL have the ability to execute a U-Turn without having to walk your bike back and forth. If this class sounds like something you would like to try, I highly recommend it! Check out their website for prices and class dates. Alan and Bill were GREAT instructors and did their best to make everyone in the class a success. I will say, that once the registration opens for the season the classes fill quickly. So, if you are interested, sign up early! To see a video of the class I attended you can go to (http://www.2wheeltips.com/videos.html) Check out the videos for Ride Like a Pro NJ. You might even see a set of NJL HOG colors cruise by!"
Don Smith

"I just wanted to give a big thumbs up to Ride Like A Pro NJ! Bill and Al are top notch. They are patient and knowledgeable and could not be more personable or professional! I have recommended this course to anyone who will listen. Any idiot can get a bike going fast and semi straight, impress yourself and your friends by being able to drive slow and turn it! With the knowledge I gained in this course, I have the confidence and skills to actually USE my bike daily. It is comforting to be able to turn around in less space then a tractor trailer requires! I have been riding on and off for 29 years and this is the FIRST year that I have a level of comfort in my abilities. A big round of applause to all involved in this program, you owe it to yourself and your families to get this training."
Keep up the good work,
Richard Worst
2009 Graduate!

"I just attended the "Ride Like a Pro" course in Mountainside, NJ on 4-12-09, instructed by Al Attanasio and Bill Hughes. It was an incredible experience and a real eye-opener as to how much control over your motorcycle you may not have. Al & Bill were fantastic instructors, sharing their knowledge and experience with the group throughout the course. They instilled confidence in the group and the desire to practice and master the skills necessary to successfully complete the exercises. They are a definite asset to your organization. I will be back to take the course again in the not too distant future. Until then, thank you for a great riding experience and the knowledge gained."
Bob Toth

Al and Bill,
I can't thank you both enough for a brilliant session on Friday. As a 100% disabled Vietnam vet and a current leukemia patient, I was not sure if I could coax my Triumph through those gyrations, but you both inspired us all to rise above ourselves, and that shot of confidence made all the difference. I wasn't the best horse in the rodeo, but it was a personal best for me and my motorcycle, and something I never imagined completing at 62 years. And I got to know some of the limits of my cycle which I never would have found out otherwise. Plus we picked up some unexpected handy motorcycle tips. I and the others left the course with genuine confidence on the road. We met the two BMW riders at the Union diner later, and they too were very pleased with the course. But here's the best part. We entered the GSP off 22 and headed south, and within a mile we hit the shore traffic, stop and go 0 to 10 mph, for two exits before we got off at 135 and headed south on 613 through nightmarish town traffic all the way to Rt 1 south in Edison, where it opened up a bit. We ran the 'slow race' for six miles, evasive 'S turns both left and right to escape frustrated drivers and parkers, endless quick stops and restarts, even a couple of tight u turns at the restaurant lot, and all 'two up'. It was smooth sailing for us both; frustrated with the traffic and heat, but smooth and confident on the road. Thank you both again, and you can be sure I will be writing to Jerry with how well things are, up here in Jersey.

Best regards,
Dan and Maureen

01 September 2009
Hi Jerry and Crew,
I wanted to let you know that I took the RLAP course this past weekend in New Jersey and loved every minute of it. The instructors (Al and Bill) were top notch. Can't say enough about their instruction. Thanks for sharing these much needed skills!!
Terry Kasper

Ride Like A Pro NJ. This is an experienced rider type course based upon the principles taught to police motor officers. This particular course is presented and taught by Lt. Al Attanasio (Mountainside PD) and Sgt. Bill Hughes (Morris County Parks PD). Both men ride and teach for their departments. Some of you may even remember Al as a former member of NJ3. I took this class for the 1st time last year and in my opinion it beats the MSF / ERC hands down. It is a 4/5 course conducted entirely on your motorcycle. There is no classroom; refer to the training preparation notice attached. This course is all about slow speed handling and turning. It’s kind of like CQB (Close Quarters Battle) for motorcycling. Since the majority of group riding events puts you in very close proximity to other riders, I think this type of course is absolutely invaluable.
Ride with Pride,
Charlie Firtion
Blue Knights New Jersey III

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