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Order a DVD - $34.95

How do you improve the best selling motorcycle video in the world?
You make learning the 3 motor office techniques easier to understand.

Available on DVD - $34.95
(Price includes shipping on domestic orders)

(Only US Orders Accepted)

You do not need to have Ride Like a Pro I thru IV, my Ride Like a Pro V contains all the tips, tricks and techniques from those versions plus much, much more!

We show the most common mistakes actual students make while taking this very course so that you recognize and avoid those mistakes. We show a diagram of the proper line through the turns actually painted on the course as it's being ridden. We show what happens to students when the proper line is not followed. We show overhead views of the pro's doing it the correct way. In addition, I'll show you new exercises in the citizen's portion that will help you to transition to the actual motor officer course you'll see later in this video.

If you've ever seen Motor Officers handle their heavy weight cruisers with the ease of a child's toy and wonder in amazement how they do it, wonder no more. This DVD will show you how to use the 3 simple Motor Officer techniques the cops have been trained in for more that 60 years. Until now, these training secrets have not been available to the general public. I have developed a simple step by step procedure that will allow you to master the 3 Motor Officer techniques in just 3 to 4 hours. I know my step by step plan works because I've put hundreds of students through the exact course you'll see on this DVD. I use a modified version of the Police Motor Officer course that can be mastered in just 1 day. Even riders with 20 years of experience will improve their skills by 100%. This DVD will also show you how to master the actual Police Motor Officer course so that, you too, can be among the top 2% of riders in America. Running time is 2 hours long.

Surviving the Mean Streets 2

This DVD will give you tips on group riding, problems that group riding presents and how to avoid those problems. Tips on riding in traffic, in the rain, dirt or gravel roads and possible hazards to be aware of while approaching intersections. This DVD contains all the information from the first Surviving the Mean Streets, plus more!

(Only US Orders Accepted)

Gift Certificate

*Gift Certificates will be mailed to the shipping address you enter. Gift Certificates can be redeemed for any available class or used toward payment of a private lesson by registering on our website and noting the Gift Certificate number in the comment section.

Pro Guards
Starting at $24.95
(Includes S&H)

Set Size
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T-Shirts - $15.00
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Hats - $15.95
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Parking Lot Pals - $30.00
(Shipping Costs Apply)

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(Only US Orders Accepted)

We suggest you also purchase our Parking Lot Pals along with the Ride Like a Pro DVD. These stackable cones are 8" wide and 2" high and come in a multi-colored pack of 40. They are lightweight and easily transportable on your motorcycle to your practice area.

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