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About Rick Mickles

Rick, a certified Police Motor Officer, has been riding motorcycles for over 40 years. He recently retired from a career in Law Enforcement after 32 years. As a NJ Police Professional, he has trained in methods of instruction and was certified as an instructor by the NJ Police Training Commission. Rick established his Departments first “Motor Unit” and as such received extensive “Police Motor Techniques” training as well as training in rider safety. Upon retiring Rick trained with, and received his instructor certification from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation as well as establishing Motorcycle Examiner status with the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. He brings his enthusiasm “for the ride” to Ride Like a Pro NJ. His mission is to teach the Police riding techniques demonstrated throughout this course to make every rider, ride better and ride safer.

About Matt Newschwander

Matt has been riding motorcycles since 1980. He has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and is certified by the Police Training Commission. He currently holds over 10 different Police Instructor Certificates. In 2013, Matt developed and implemented his agencies first Motor Unit and is currently the Motor Unit Supervisor. Matt has completed the intense two week Maryland State Police Motor Officer Course and the two week Mountainside NJ Police Motor Instructor Course. In 2014, Matt received his instructor certification from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation of New Jersey. Matt hopes to bring some of his knowledge and experience to Ride Like A Pro NJ and help develop better, safer motorcycle riders.

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