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Reprint from the 2010 Riders Education of New Jersey Newsletter)

If you have attended the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course (BRC) and the Experienced Rider Course (ERC) you obviously are serious about motorcycle safety and have an excellent foundation in motorcycle operation. Some people have made a decision to attend the ERC as a yearly skills refresher which, is highly recommend by the MSF Rider Coaches. However, after a few times of attending the course and an increase in your riding skills, you may be yearning for a more challenging program.

Depending on what type of riding you are interested in there are several options available to you such as the MSF dirt bike school, racing schools, group riding instruction, etc. Some groups, such as police departments and motorcycle clubs host riding skill competitions which test your ability to maneuver your motorcycle at slow speeds through limited space cone patterns. You may be asking yourself how a rider can develop such skills. Short of attending a police motor officer training school, is there any type of training available to civilian riders?

Jerry Paladino, a retired motor officer from the state of Florida, has developed the world renowned Ride Like A Pro © training program for civilian riders. In addition to being able to attend a riding class, Jerry has produced several rider training DVD’s and a book for motorcycle riders. He travels to many motorcycle events with his team of instructors giving slow speed controlled maneuvering demonstrations to promote his school. Jerry has found that there is a great desire in many riders to obtain this type of training however, the cost associated with traveling to Florida is just out of reach for some.

Since 2009 there is now a solution for anyone from the northeast whose interest in police style rider training is now peaked. Motor officers/instructors, Lieutenant Allan Attanasio and Sergeant William Hughes, who are also MSF rider coaches for Riders Education of New Jersey have purchased a franchise to Jerry’s school. Their franchise is called Ride Like A Pro NJ, LLC. Al and Bill provide the same instruction that Jerry gives here in New Jersey. The course has a very clear progression of handling exercises which build upon one another from moderately difficult to difficult. Class instruction includes Motorcycle Control; Directional Control; the Slow Race; 12’ Straight Cone Weave; Offset Cone Weave; 24’ Circle & Figure Eight; 24’ U-Turn Exercise; Iron Cross; Steering & Braking. Classes are held in the central Jersey area from April through November. A full listing of available classes can be found on their web site www.ridelikeapronj.com. Also available on-line are training cones, Ride Like A Pro NJ apparel, and Jerry’s DVD’s & book.

The instruction provided by Al & Bill is essential to anyone who views the DVD. They provide an objective set of eyes which identify mistakes and give correctional instruction and pointers to the mastering of the skills displayed. Every exercise is thoroughly explained and demonstrated prior to any student attempting it. An evaluation is made and the students are offered positive encouragement to help build confidence and skill levels. The overall objective is to increase the students’ enjoyment of motorcycling and safety by making them a more confident and skilled rider.

The Ride Like A Pro © training program has received positive reviews through many forms of motorcycling media such as Rider magazine, 2wheeltips.com, Road Runner Motorcycle Touring & Travel magazine, and Full Throttle magazine to name a few.

Reprint from the 2010 Riders Education of New Jersey Newsletter

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