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About Us
About Ride Like A Pro New Jersey
Ride Like A Pro New Jersey was established to educate the motorcycle enthusiast on how to be a more controlled, confident and safer rider. "Every day we see bikers making life threatening errors while riding. Practicing slow speed maneuvering gives the rider better control of their motorcycle - which can be the difference between avoiding an accident. The instruction that you will receive in the Ride Like A Pro program goes beyond others by demonstrating what the motorcycle is capable of doing at slow speeds which helps the rider understand how they can lean, balance and control their motorcycle better at all times. Also, simple things like learning how to pick up a downed bike safely or learning where your head and eyes should be directed while riding helps them to keep themselves and others safer."

All of our classes require the rider to have a valid motorcycle operator's license.
The students will operate their own motorcycle which must be properly registered and insured.
The students will wear proper safety equipment.

As a Rider do you:

  • Fear dropping your bike?
  • Are you a “Foot Dragger”?
  • "Walk The Dog” at red lights?
  • Know how to pick up your bike?
  • Feel unsteady when riding slow?
  • Wear out your boots before your tires?
  • Take up 3 lanes of traffic to make a U-Turn?
  • Avoid making slow tight turns in parking lots?

It's time to get rid of those bad habits and receive some instruction in
Police Style Motorcycling!

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Ride Like a Pro NJ
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Gillette, N.J. 07933